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Take a cue from our fans ...
“Featured Download” and Home & Learning “Hot Pick”
[M]y 10-year-old daughter picked [CueType] out of the whole [line up] of typing programs for her summer typing practice.”
— Dr. R.M.A, Ph.D.
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Convenient by design.
Streamlined and unobtrusive, CueType launches in a flash and lets you get right to work honing your keyboarding skills. Squeeze in a little practice when you have a few minutes to spare, and make the most of your time by taking complete control of your progress.
Also, CueType features no long-form, natural-language drills!
CueType’s purpose is to teach you the keys on the keyboard; once you know them, use them! Write an email to your mom, express an opinion to an elected official, transcribe your notes from history class, get started on that novel, blog anecdotes about your day-to-day life, ... just type! A spelling-checker will help you gauge your accuracy, and as for speed: that’ll improve steadily, whether or not you put a stopwatch on everything you do. Mastering some canned “real world” drill won’t help you nearly so much as pounding away on text filled with your friends’ names and your favorite phrases. (Seriously, who really cares how quickly you can type the Preamble to the Constitution?)

The very best part of the CueType experience is the moment you decide you’re done with it. We want that moment to come as quickly as possible. You have much better things to do with your time; find them.
CueType helps you learn to touch-type by reducing the temptation to look at the keyboard.
Clever visual cues right in text of the keyboarding drills remind you what to do with your fingers.
*Don’t worry if the “fully-cued” view seems a bit overwhelming: the drills work up to it gradually.
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Drill Info Sheet and Keyboard Panel
Drill Score Sheet and Performance Report